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Desde en ago 2009

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octubre 10, 2009
Love Beatrix. She's beautiful. Her body is amazing. And she seems to have more fun than anybody on this site. Beatrix has perfected the art of being playful and erotic at the same time. Love to watch her dance. Love to watch her ... perform. It's hard to imagine how anyone's videos could rate higher. For me, the only girl who compares is Eufrat, and they are completely different. Beatrix is the girl who got me hooked on this site. I'm glad you have her on here.
Desde en dic 2007

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enero 3, 2008
This little lady is hot,love the way she moves is something else she has small tits but who would really care
Desde en dic 2007

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febrero 18, 2011
Beatrix is perhaps one of the most under rated babes on VG's! EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL, & having, perhaps, the most fit, yet curvy body here, & presenting it with an accomplished & fully sexy, StripperBabe series of flowing dance moves while giving up a good amount of hot, erotic, "show it all to us" poses, complete with a nice touch of erotic use of tongue & lips! Her accompanying videos are hot too, especially the one with her finger in mouth & the deliciously enjoyable interview too!Gawd, I love her dance style of continuous, standing undulation & smooth glide stroking presentation!She has one of the finest sculpted bodies & that includes an amazingly perfect set of cunt/ass/pucker clean curves that she willingly & perfectly pumps to us directly in all her cards.Shot long ago for VG2, there is no explicit action BUT I don't need that because her beauty & sexy moves are enough to do the job nicely! Her smiles carry a friendly seduction, her mouth is a lover's delight!TOTAL HOTTIE/CUTIE!!
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