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Desde en may 2009

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junio 13, 2009
I was actually surprised by the way she strutted on to the stage. the girl has energy to burn and the outfit suits her just right. the anamie style haircut actually works for this chick and frames her face well. good porportion to her body as well. does get a bit repetitive in her dancing but there is worse on the site. if she smooths her moves out a little, she might just give Ariel a run for her money on my favs list. worth a ticket, in my opinion.
Desde en feb 2009

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agosto 5, 2009
A must show for ever boob man collection. I rate a Alexandra as 10 and if don't like women with large breasts don't get their shows. I see complaints if the boobs are fake and complaining that there to flabby if they are real How she isn't one of the higher rated girls here amazes me.
Desde en dic 2012

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mayo 7, 2017
Alexandra is one incredible 'sexy lady'! Is she the closest thing to perfection? YES!!!!!!!!

This is a great sensual performance by a very pretty Alexandra, and it's an absolute delight to admire her perfect body, her natural breasts, her superb arse, her shapely legs... and not to forget her gorgeous pussy with the 'V' pubes.

You want fantasy? Watch Alexandra's perfromance here. It's simply beautiful and classy. Love this show!
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