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Desde en feb 2009

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julio 31, 2009
Gotta love this woman, her shows never dissapoint. Since she came to VGHD has been a top 5 woman on the site. She wastes no time getting to what we want see. I suppose some would like to see her slow down as she moves very fast. Another solid 10 performance from one of my favorite. What a body even if you don't prefer a woman with large breasts.
Desde en may 2009

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febrero 5, 2010
Like most of Alexandra's card, this one is very good overall. She looks fantastic as always, and her sultry performance and moves are a turn on. However some clips aren't as good as others and this inconsistency keeps her from being one of my top models.

My Personal Scoring...(only my opinions!)

Girl = 9

(natural beauty/body etc) - Alexandra has awesome boobs and looks great overall. I most certainly would.

Theme = 9

(outfit/make-up/suitability to model etc) - I really liked this theme, Alexandra looks hot. Not quite innocent, but that combined with her awesome boobs and willingness to tease make for a good show.

Performance = 8.75

(movements/interaction/horn factor etc) - There's a few clips here that turned me on big style, with awesome eye-contact and sublime posing. Downside is a few clips did nothing for me.

Other = 8.25

(length/explicit/bonus pics) - Nice clip variety, not finger explicit. Some really nice bonus pics.

Overall = 8.84 (My VG Score = 9)
Desde en dic 2009

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septiembre 18, 2010
nice girl, good body, lovely show

so on alexandra hope view more shows like yours
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