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Jana Cova

 4.31 (1736 votos)

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Desde en jun 2009

547 comment(s)
abril 10, 2011
This card is likely the best of Jana Cova's early (first set) of Virtua Girl cards. It is a great mix of a good outfit, Jana's awesome attitude (and sexiness), and a well-rounded performance with something for everyone.

The scenes range from nicely done desktop dancing to some explicit scenes and even some comical scenes with a half-naked Jana Cova playing tennis. Her striptease is very high caliber here.
Desde en ene 2010

41 comment(s)
abril 17, 2010
You can't go wrong with Jana Cova. She hot, sexy, and she get's a lil' naughty. Everyone should atleast own 2 of her shows.
Desde en abr 2008

31 comment(s)
julio 29, 2009
I just hope those who didn't give it a 10 haven't seen that certain clip where the racket gets a special role yet.
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