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Desde en jul 2011

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junio 12, 2012
Sarah in Royal Suite is a great show for: big breast fans; shoe and foot fetish fans; and corset fans. Sarah is one of the reasons I started buying cards. She has a fantastic smile, great energy, a sexy smirk, and keeps flawless eye contact. I don't normaly care for implants, but for Sarah I make an exception. Except for the scars underneath, they are quite nice.

This show reminds me of a girly show in an old west saloon. Her pole moves are good, though slightly repetative. She's not a pro on the pole, but she's better than most. She winds up either shoeless or fully barefoot in about 6 clips; to be noted: she rips her stockings in one, and licks her boots in another. She keeps a small landing strip on her pussy, and don't forget her full plump butt! She does will with lots of erotic grinding, teasing with the corset, and she spanks herself quite nicely, not just love-taps. Sarah's full stripteases are great, combining all her moves and looks.

10 out of 10
Desde en abr 2009

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julio 12, 2011
J'ai tout les cartes de Sarah et j'aime beaucoup ses beaux grands yeux noirs. Elle est très sexée. Elle fera revé tout homme qui ont le moindrement du gout. Mais comme les gouts sont dans la nature, moi je lui donnerais 10 pour toutes ces cartes. Bravo Sarah. Tu es ma préférée. Dommage que je ne suis pas bon pour t'écrire ca en anglais. A+
Desde en oct 2008

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junio 15, 2011
Sarah At Royal suite >> Beats me, why would a young broad with a beatiful body & a pleasant attrative face like these would opt for a boobjob to the extreme of getting herself two large out-of-place rock-melons and nasty scars for life and also acquiring realistic problems in her elderly life such as amount of growth of her mammal gland in some cases it's substantial; rashes are common, welts and blisters are not too rare, and weird infections sometimes happen; and all these for what. My rating for this gal is 6 out of 10.
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