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Desde en jun 2009

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agosto 7, 2011
Elisa was made for DeskBabes and, honestly, while her performances on VirtuaGirl are great, they pale to her cards from the more explicit website. Still, this card is one of her better so far on VGHD.

The outfit is a good one for her shape and look, but the ultra-severe hair pulled back in a tight bun is a little much. Elisa is one of those rare girls that looks good with her hair pulled back, but not with it tightly tied as it is here.

So while this hot desktop dancer does a good striptease, her look doesn't quite match the show. Add to that the number of short clips in this card and it cannot be a Perfect 10. Her great attitude and explicit envelope pushing for Virtua Girl, however, makes up for that enough to warrant a high recommendation for this card.
Desde en oct 2009

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abril 15, 2011
another lovely great performance of Elisa, sexy as "ususal"

****** Stars
Desde en oct 2008

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mayo 6, 2011
Elisa With A Heart of Gold >> She looks far better with her hair undone and with a better hairdo like that one of the sensual girl in "Last Tango In Paris" will rock anyone looking at her. I like her pleasant attractive face with that full large mouth ready for oral stimulastion of any male genitals. She is a Gal that does not need to show her face whenever you look at her sexy rear body-view; her rounded ass & fleshy pussy will be the centre of your imagination. My rating is still at 9 out of 10.
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