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Desde en feb 2012

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junio 17, 2013
The first time I saw Niikita I knew I would purchase all of her shows...yes, in my opinion, she is that beautiful. This wonderful young lady quickly became one of my favorites. From her perfect and perky little body and cute face, to her awesome smile and exceptionally entertaining performances, Nikita is a most welcome addition to my collection. She lights me up as soon as she lights up my screen!
Desde en sep 2011

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octubre 13, 2011
the finest girl I have ever seen...
Desde en ene 2011

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agosto 13, 2011
OMG what a summertime treat this card is! Nikita is absolutely adorable! She has a genuine sweetness about her that just glows when she's onscreen! Her cute smile and slender, flawless body are just simply intoxicating!

Her outfit was the perfect choice for this pool party! Imagine taking this beautiful young lady to your favorite resort and showing her off on the beach or even better: joining her for a swim in that hot little bikini! She even dances in and out of that little bikini barefoot and at the pole, which is a particular fancy of mine and when she walks out to do just that, I nearly fainted! ;)

This is a very exciting and fun show from a girl that I just can't wait to see more and more of! But for now... I'm gonna meet her at the pool and party!!!

A sweet 10/10 :)
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