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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Kami directly on your taskbar. It lasts 39 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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Desde en jun 2009

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diciembre 31, 2011
How can anyone not love Kami? This card is another of her new return set and it's blazin' hot. Kami is in great form here with an awesome outfit and move loveliness than you can possibly handle. The only drawback is the lack of taskbar nudity compared to other scenes.

The overall card is great, though. It has more than a few non-nude scenes, but they are relatively short compared to the excellent striptease and smoothly-styled desktop dancing that Kami is known for.

Definitely a card worth having. Great stuff from this beautiful favorite.
Desde en oct 2009

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septiembre 16, 2011
sexy lady, with a good performance-show

10 points
Desde en nov 2008

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septiembre 16, 2011
A very welcome return to VG for everyone's favourite redhead. Her outfit in this one is sexy enough, if a little non-descript, but Kami herself looks as gorgeous as always.

On the task-bar Kami was charming, sexy and very good in general. Her performance was better than in most of her earlier shows, particularly in terms of eye-contact, but perhaps not her very best. One clip was made rather static by Kami fiddling with her shoes too much and although I very much enjoyed the others, they didn't quite have the spark that would have made them great. There were only 2 out of 9 clips where she got fully nude, but they were the best of the bunch.

Her routine on the pole was confident and sexy, if nothing spectacular. She did little more than the most basic of moves though, and then only occasionally. Again I've seen better from her. In the standing clips her movement was fluid and sexy, but not very varied, with Kami mostly just dancing on the spot. Her full striptease was excellent, however, and was the best clip of the show for me.

A good solid comeback for Kami, but at least half of her earlier cards were better in my view.
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