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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Kami directly on your taskbar. It lasts 36 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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Desde en dic 2012

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noviembre 7, 2016
Kami is a vision of spleandour!!!!!! How can anyone fault her? Impossible. Wow. She has a red hot body... really beautiful. She looks like an angel. She moves like an angel. So much to say in praise of this stunning red head beauty. She is a pure delight.
Desde en nov 2008

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septiembre 30, 2011
Another very fetching outfit for gorgeous redhead Kami, looking incredibly beautiful in this red dress.

This was a truly excellent task-bar performance, with Kami at her most charming and seductive. Good eye contact, subtle but effective viewer interaction, lots of her enchanting smile and often a real provocative look in her eye. Her movement was perfectly paced to accentuate her beauty in the allotted time, even in one very short clip and, although there was nothing x-rated, the nude and explicit clips were certainly an effective turn-on.

Her pole dancing was stylish, sexy, and she made good use of the pole to enhance her routine. Although not many of her moves were well executed, she did give them a good go. The standing clips were entertaining, with sexy and varied movement although there was no full striptease.

An excellent show from Kami, with only the lack of a full standing striptease detracting a bit overall.
Desde en mar 2009

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noviembre 2, 2011
Her English is very good, and I think she says the nicest things about men in her interview video of any of the VirtuaGirls...including being straight! Kami, look me up in Memphis.
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