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Samantha Lee

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Desde en jun 2009

547 comment(s)
julio 15, 2013
This is another great card from Samantha Lee. This woman is as hot as it gets and her performances are marked by her excellent ability to showcase her beautiful body and her amateurish nervousness (which is endearing rather than annoying or distracting) while doing so.

Samantha is one of the most well-built, natural women to have appeared on VGHD, but probably doesn't realize it. Her near-innocence, great combination of girl-next-door meets perfect body, and occasional flashes of fun attitude make her very likable and approachable.
Desde en jun 2012

84 comment(s)
enero 3, 2015
I have all 5 of her cards1. Great Breasts 2. Great Cleavage , front and side 3. He most natural dancing card, almost good 4. Great Hairstyle and makeup, she is at her most beautiful in this cardIn conclusion... of her 5 cards she is at her best in nearly every category, she is not going to show much explicit in any card, she dances best, looks best, and this is the best outfit for her... she has some unfortunate bruises and this outfit shows her figure tremendously without giving everything away. Plus the heels accentuate her figure. Great Card.
Desde en abr 2011

92 comment(s)
julio 13, 2013
Another with natural big breasts, good job team, keep them coming!

Would be nice to see her DB too.
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