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Desde en jun 2012

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marzo 15, 2015
Tanja is so underrated. She's beautiful, sexy, she has good dance moves and a great body. She deserves better ratings !
Desde en jun 2011

1044 comment(s)
julio 21, 2013
C'est effectivement un peu court mais la nana a son style avec un côté pinup

plutôt réussi. Faudrait voir d'autres cartes toujours en grand format car on

y prend goût...
Desde en ago 2009

962 comment(s)
agosto 12, 2014
Lovely model whit an hard body, very nice the way she strips, but this outfit I like at 50% becouse I cannot stand thath umbrella beach, makes me nervous. For the rest is all ok. I think her other cards should be better of this ;)
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