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Melody Powers

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Desde en dic 2012

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agosto 26, 2016
Melody Powers is a true blue Hangarian honey. Her strawberry blonde hair, her lovely complexion, and her lovely petite physique, make her a real delight to watch. Her performance is superb. She is dynamic. She is flexible as demonstrated when she does the splits. She is seductive. She is captivating. You cannot help but fall in love with her.

Melody does not expose her pubeless pussy or even allow us a flash of it, but it matters not as she proudly shows off her gorgeous naked body ... actually, gorgeous is an understatement.

Melody is definitely one of the most entertaining performers you will see.
Desde en dic 2010

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septiembre 29, 2013
Melody Powers is now my # one all time favorite. This gal has got to have the most perfect smile & body on VG. My favorite clip so far is when she pops out of the ocean After taking a dip,if i had my way there would be at least 18 more cards of her IMHO. It's nice to see Melody really enjoy herself.
Desde en ene 2010

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mayo 3
Ignore the begrudgers - this is a five star show.

It has a desperately unfair low-ish score because some grown-ass adults do not understand the difference between "Nudity" and "Full Nudity".

Now, don't get me wrong - I like a gaping pussy clip as much as the next pervert. I too wish that Melody would be more forthcoming with the goodies in her shows.

But this is a "Nudity" show, and you have absolutely no right to expect full nudity shoved in your face.

It's like buying an apple and then pissing and moaning because it's not a banana.

I know I'm wasting my (digital) breath on this, but I really wish people would judge and rate every show on its own terms.

Instead it's all - "Waaah! She doesn't do 'The Thing'. Zero stars."

/rantMode OFF

This is a wonderful, cheeky, cheerful, lively, sexy-as-fuck show.

Melody is a total babe, wearing a sizzling bikini, prancing around nude on your screen, beaming a 1000-watt smile at you.

What's not to love?
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