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Blanche Bradburry

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Desde en nov 2007

1669 comment(s)
noviembre 29, 2016
I enjoyed the photos,and ALL the videos as well as the performance.It is an honor and a pleasure to be on the Winning Team after all my side is the Winning Team.I won't forget to throw the ball back to you Baby...Blanche is definitely a Beautiful Woman in my book. A pleasant smile always softens my heart.I'll keep you(Blanche Bradburry) as I keep ALL my other friends close to my Heart in Prayer.Thanks for bearing yourself for us Blanche and God be Praised!...Let the Games Begin!...grin,smile and lots of jovial laughter.I still continue to pray and persevere for the gift of chastity and celibacy for myself and others who may be like me.
Desde en nov 2007

337 comment(s)
octubre 18, 2013
As usual, Blanche delivers on her suggestive, naughty sensuousness. She is a beautifully sculpted woman. Her curvaceousness and movements add to her performance. She is yummy!
Desde en ene 2008

210 comment(s)
octubre 20, 2013
Si te gustan las mujeres bellas, atléticas, sexis, confiadas, eróticas y muy muy sucias...Blanche es para ti! En DeskBabes o en VirtuaGirl de las mejores! 10
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