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Vanda Lust

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Desde en dic 2012

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octubre 15, 2017
Simply beautiful!!!!!!! And love the cute outfit and shoes. And what an incredible performance. So so so sexy!!!!!! So... is Vanda Lust not the most prettiest babe in the world? Is she not the most beautiful babe in the world? Is she not the most perfect looking babe in the world? Of course she is.

I can't fault Vanda in any way. From her hair to her eyes, her nose to her smile, her neck to her arms and breasts, her figure to her arse, her legs to her toes... she's simply perfect. But it must also be said that Vanda also has the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen. Wow! It's so gorgeous the way she maintains her genital area and presents it in all its glory. Honestly, Vanda's pussy is the most perfect looking pussy... its physical form, its complexion and its sexiness factor... just unbelievably attractive.

This is one of my favourites!!!!!!!
Desde en abr 2010

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octubre 2, 2013
I hope we get mor cards from her.

Vanda - you're really great!

10 points too less... ;)
Desde en jul 2011

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septiembre 30, 2013
Vanda Lust in Kittenish Babe you'll find a slender blonde with striking blue eyes. She really knows how to put on a show! With her warm smile and great eye contact, this is a sexy and intimate striptease. My only complaint would be for a longer show, but 33 minutes isn't anything to really complain about.

Vanda wears a tight lepord-print top well, cut-off shorts, and oddly brown panties, then a black thong. The thong often becomes engulfed into her cleft-of-venus smooth pussy! She has small 'barely-there' breasts, and faint venus-dimples. She has a bit of a gap in her front teeth, if that's your thing. She is barefoot in 4 clips. Though not a pole dancer, she does a couple of moves, but mostly uses it eroticly. She often will rub and spread herself, much to our delight.

I awate more shows from Vanda Lust. 10 out of 10.
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