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Desde en dic 2012

573 comment(s)
agosto 18, 2016
Wow wow wow. Vanda is just too damned beautiful. Her performance is just too damned beautiful. Her body is just too damned beautiful. And is it not bloody fantastic she has kept her nice little breasts and not gone for silicon!!! Her little breasts are so sexy. Phewwww!!!!! Yes yes yes. Well done Vanda!!!!!
Desde en dic 2007

28 comment(s)
octubre 14, 2013
I have this one playing and it just started playing one where she is swinging. It's very interesting and cool because I have it set to the small and it actually has the swing hanging from the top of the screen. I didn't know there was video of anyone on a swing and I never would have expected it to have the swing hanging from the top of the screen. I would have expected the girl to stay on the lower part of the screen. So very cool that it actually put her in the right place.
Desde en jul 2012

134 comment(s)
octubre 11, 2013
nice show!)) but little dancing (( sexy girl!))) |9|
Desde en may 2008

86 comment(s)
octubre 21, 2013
I'm usually not a fan of the add-ons, but that swing is neat. Less cage and more swing, not a swinging cage!, just a swing; Nice card btw :)
Desde en mar 2008

156 comment(s)
octubre 12, 2013
WOW !!! What a collection of great cards !!! Not a bad one in the bunch. I bought her first card and enjoy it. This one is even better I got it for free. I'm the luckiest guy around. My favorite is at the end where she get dunked with water although I wish it was so tightly edited, wish it could have run longer!!!! Hope to see more cards from her !!!!
Desde en ago 2008

42 comment(s)
diciembre 22, 2013
funny card - only 2 clips where she was standing a bit longer than 30 sec.

the rest is sitting or lying down

easy job for the girl - too less for me - and the swing is boring
Desde en sep 2008

71 comment(s)
octubre 11, 2013
Very lovely girl! Good show.

9 as well.
Desde en ago 2009

961 comment(s)
abril 20, 2014
Beautiful blond whith nice blu eyes, her lower body is Amazing, very much perfect, but to much teeny tits for my taste, should be perfect if a little more bigger ;)

Outfit very nice, but her glasses I don't like becouse it hide he beutiful eyes.
Desde en nov 2013

45 comment(s)
diciembre 11, 2013
plutot mignone comme prestation

jolie model avec de tout petit petit seins

bien domage

sinon je lui passerai bien la creme sur son corp
Desde en feb 2008

136 comment(s)
julio 2, 2014
The "top of screen" swing clips are fantastic. Would love to see more of them, and other creative presentations. Way to go Vanda, and VG.

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