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Sophie Lynx

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Desde en dic 2012

573 comment(s)
mayo 31, 2018
I love Sophie Lynx!!!! She’s an absolute beauty. Her incredible personality shines through. Her gorgeous body is unbelievable! Her manner of performing is excellent. She’s vivacious. She’s super sexy. She’s got me under her spell!!!!!!!

Surely … to spend a day with Sophie would be like spending a day in paradise. She gives meaning to “Original Sin”. I don’t think any other model has the charm & charisma or the sexual appeal of Sophie.

As for Sophie’s physical beauty, what an amazing body she has. As a pussy connoisseur, I cannot get over how beautiful her pussy is. It’s so gorgeous, & the way she flaunts it is awesome.

Thank you Sophie for this beautiful sexy performance!

Finally… the production quality of this show is excellent… great lighting, colour & clarity. Magnificent.
Desde en abr 2011

403 comment(s)
noviembre 4, 2013
Yes she sexy has a nice smile and her show sexy and good moves, I like her outfit she know how to use it in the show. 9.5/10 over all for me.
Desde en dic 2008

5 comment(s)
noviembre 17, 2013
Worth it for the HD bonus videos alone.
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