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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Sicilia directly on your taskbar. It lasts 36 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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Desde en dic 2017

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febrero 6, 2018
tiene una cara preciosa y un bonito pelo y unos preciosos ojos. y un cuerpo espectacular
Desde en dic 2012

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diciembre 14, 2016
Sicilia demonstrates why she is one of the most sensual performers. She is mesmerising. She is very sexy. She captures your attention from the very beginning. Also, I love the way she caresses her body during her performances. She has the perfect arse. Yes.

Sicilia really has one of the best bodies in the business, and one of the most beautiful pussies you will ever see, and I thank her for letting us see it. Beautiful. She can feel very proud of herself.
Desde en dic 2007

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diciembre 8, 2013
This is ( until yet at least) a quite typical Example for an ( so far) OVERRATED Card ! - Sicilia is really nice and has most of all a special VERY Natural Erotique - and that is also the reason why I took this Card aside. - But that

is also all. The Truth is that from Universal as well as special Erotic Viewpoints the overall Erotic of this Set is weak or dull and the Performance is also quite away form being good to very good - like in Case of a Carmen Gemini or Anna Tatu and several others for example AND also the Outfit has in regard of Fetish-Aspects very low to almost Zero erotical Effect. A justful/truthful Rating of this Card would be circa between 8.81 to 9.0 - and this only because of Naturalness. - Remember also LORENA ( for example "Ibiza Party") has a Rating

of 9.3 - 9.4 (only) and LORENA is also extremely Natural but also VERY Erotic and

a real good Performer and I wonder very much what is THIS Erotique etc. at this Card that a 9.3 - 9.4 Rating could be justified...??!

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