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Desde en mar 2014

46 comment(s)
noviembre 2, 2014
Her face doesnt turn me on at all. Average body (in camparison with other VG girls of course). But I rate this card 10 because ot the outfit. Short orange dress and white panties is probably musthave for me. Also in non nude section she is doing so much upskirt stuff which i like the most. She is flashing her panties so many times with no expression on her face and that turns me on. So this is the case where performance make the rating.
Desde en feb 2014

79 comment(s)
octubre 10, 2014
ms sicilia . . . paradise is you, and you are paradise . . . would chase you just about anywhere for a hug 'n a kiss . . . you are so beautiful . . .

Desde en sep 2013

1903 comment(s)
enero 12, 2014
Everything about Sicilia is wonderfull, great show and love the outfit.

One hot sexy lady. Please give us more soon.
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