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Desde en jun 2013

37 comment(s)
abril 18, 2014
SHE is perfect, a beautiful face , stunning body and she looks really HOT in leggins . 10/ 10.
Desde en jun 2011

988 comment(s)
abril 19, 2014
La tenue est au top du sexy avec ce type de poupée, et là, 10 ne sont pas suffisants

pour refléter les sensations que procure Sabina tout au long de son show ultra glamour!
Desde en feb 2014

474 comment(s)
agosto 17, 2014
Sabina "More More More" has a flawless figure and creamy, untanned skin. It

looks as if she's on her 1st-foray outside the harem. She provokes a need for

male guidance and protection. Although she demonstrates her skills as a

seasoned stripper, there's something hesitant about her performance. She

grabs your eyes and sympathies.

Facial Expressions = 10 (coy & fresh outta the shell)

Upper Body = 10 (popsicle-grade nipples)

Lower Body = 10 (nice butt & legs)

Costume, theme = 10 (wrong & right)

Performance Taskbar = 10

Performance Standup = 9

Performance strip pole = 9

Sexuality = 10 (riveting)

Bonus photos = 10

Bonus Videos = 10

TOTAL = 98/100

Full Nudity? Down to babe collar.

Explicit? Mostly show & tease.

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