Sex on the Beach por

Subil Arch

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Desde en oct 2013

343 comment(s)
mayo 19, 2014

Subil Arch is a beautiful girl with perfect natural curves. Her movements seem quite average and uninspired though. And again I have to say this is NOT Deskbabes here. 11 explicit and x-rated clips out of 22! Sorry guys, but that is too much but I guess this is a matter of taste. "Sex on the beach" is a solid card to have and I'm curious what show we'll see next of Subil. Can't wait!
Desde en feb 2014

32 comment(s)
mayo 19, 2014
My "point system" scored her higher than I do. I was disappointed in her movement, limited spread vies, and the way her hand was almost always in front of her honey spot (rubbing and playing with it) when she was nude.

9.0 Attitude-at ease. Eye contact-good. Smile-good. Facial expressions-good. Strip-good. Explicit-very good.

9.0 Honey Pot-shaved. Ass-right size for body. Tits-natural-right size for body-firm.

9.6 Face-pretty. Complexion-very good. Makeup-good. Hair-long & loose.

9.8 Figure-very good. Tan-none. Tattoos-none. Piercings-nipple. Feet-in shoes.

8.3 Task bar-fully nude. Spread view-below average. Positioning-average. Movement-average.

8.7 Pole clips-fully nude. Pole use-average. Dancing-average.

9.0 Walk on-fully nude. Effect-good. Dancing-average.

Desde en feb 2014

79 comment(s)
mayo 21, 2014
sex on the beach . . . sex in the tub . . . sex in the bed . . . sex in the car . . . sex in the snow . . . sex in the subway . . . sex in the office . . . sex on the sofa . . . sex in the closet . . . sex in the lake . . . sex on the plane . . . with you, ms subil arch . . . sex, uh . . . life is good!

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