Sexy In Suspenders por

Susana Melo

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Desde en mar 2011

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enero 14, 2018
I like this outfit and especially the normal panties, but I’m not too fond on those suspenders. Underneath Susanna’s clothing we see an ideal figure with the right proportions, firm breasts, an unrivalled butt and long, perfect legs. Yes, her eyes are very penetrating and her smile is wonderful. On her back a most interesting, non-distracting tattoo. Three piercings: one on her tongue, one on her belly button and one just above her clit. About the show: I liked it very much. In the standing clips Susanna moves easy and swift. At the pole no special tricks, but interesting enough.

This show of 28 clips is divided in Standing 8, Pole 7, Behind TB 6 and On TB 7 clips; 15 clips are shorter than 1 minute. There are 7 clips labelled as XXX, in which Susanna does what she is addicted to. In clip 28 we see her squatting and in clip 24 squatting next to the pole while giving her pussy a strong scrubbing. In other clips a finger in her treasury box. While doing her facial expression tends to some exaggeration, but no problem for me. Conclusion: a great show (despite the fact that in the XXX-clips sound would have been more than welcome).
Desde en dic 2007

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mayo 30, 2014
Good things: Beautiful girl, nice proportions, great eyes. Got some nice moves.

Bad things: Extremely unflattering outfit, those shorts were horrible. I got very distracted by the tongue piercing.
Desde en jun 2011

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mayo 31, 2014
Pour une première carte, c'est très bien! J'attends de voir la miss sur une autre carte sans ce short

en jeans pas vraiment glam. Coté sexe rien a redire, Susana donne de sa personne...

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