Modern Woman por

Susana Melo

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Desde en mar 2011

626 comment(s)
enero 15, 2018
Susanna has for others maybe not the most beautiful face, but what is beautiful? For me Susanna looks good and what is more important: her face is fascinating and a fascinating face never gets boring. Susanna has a killerbody with a very firm butt. Her outfit reminds me of the Brazilian flag. The yellow color of her top is like that of the shirt of the footballteam of Brazil (the canaries) and the green of her shorts is the other colour of the flag. I like this colourful outfit. It suits her. Susanna dances quick, keeps intact with the viewer and there are no side-away looks for instruction. This Modern Woman likes to please her pussy. Is that what makes her modern?

This show of 19 clips is divided in Standing 6, Pole 5, Behind TB 3 and On TB 5 clips. There are 6 clips labelled as XXX.
Desde en oct 2009

640 comment(s)
julio 21, 2014
Susana Melo ~Dance partner, not tease temptress: the hips never stop moving as per Tina Kay but the elegant dancesteps of Tina however aren't there. Lots of drammatic facial expressions. Lots of busy activity but her hands & arms were just slave to her hip gyrations. She kept the shoes on throughout.
Desde en oct 2008

214 comment(s)
septiembre 18, 2014
Susana Melo Puts Out her hottie body for all to enjoy. Uninhibited Vixen status earns her 10 of 10. Susana presents the perfect Virtuagirl model. Period.

Her prominent gracillis adductors seal the deal for me. I am in lust and will definitely purchase tickets for all of her cards.
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