Pumping Iron por

Victoria Daniels

 4.23 (344 votos)

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Desde en oct 2013

342 comment(s)
junio 23, 2014

Victorias VG Debut turns out to be a great card to have. She's a natural beauty with a nice smile and she's doing a fine show. I like navel piercings and that Nude rope jumping of course is a plus plus ;-) Can't wait to see more from this wonderful femme fatale!
Desde en feb 2014

32 comment(s)
junio 20, 2014
Only 1 pole clip with more than topless but it is very good. Has nude rope jumping. Worth getting card for that.

9.6 Attitude-having fun. Eye contact-very good. Smile-very good. Expressions-very good. Tease-OK.

9.6 Face-pretty. Complexion-very good. Makeup-very good. Hair-shoulder length & loose.

9.5 Figure-very good. Tan-light or none. Tattoos-don't distract. Piercings-navel.

9.0 Honey Pot-landing strip. Ass-somewhat small. Tits-natural-right size for body-slight sag (size).

10 Task bar-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Positions/movement-very good.

8.7 Pole clips-fully nude. Spread view-OK. Pole use-average.

10 In/Out-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Positions & movement-very good.

na No swing, cage, desk, etc clips.

For those who care: Explicit contact-very good. Dancing-very good jumping rope. Feet-mostly bare.
Desde en feb 2009

139 comment(s)
junio 20, 2014
I too wouldn't say she has big boobs. As for her show she does some cute jump roping and weight lifting. She's a DB crossover and has her fingers rubbing her pussy in at least half of her cards even though they're listed as fully nude or topless. Only one x-rated fingering but consider this a DB "junior" card if you want to.
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