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Candy Sweet

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Desde en jun 2012

583 comment(s)
septiembre 24, 2015
100% dirty, 100% sexy !

And that ass is splendid!
Desde en mar 2011

628 comment(s)
agosto 22, 2014
10 Great card again of Candy. Beautiful bikini and show.
Desde en jul 2011

26 comment(s)
enero 11, 2016
This girl is a treasure, who gives a master-class in how to make a lot out of very little - a bikini,suntan oil, and a towel.She conveys allure in spades,thanks to her expressive face and gestures (she reminded me of Chelsea French).Her tattoos and piercings are mercifully unobtrusive, and her small breasts have a shapely contour - no pointless wriggling or fish-faces,and her shoes come off eventually.A welcome change from repetitive,unimaginative robots.
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