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Desde en oct 2013

342 comment(s)
julio 30, 2014
Cherries, you make me go wild and crazy. This is only your second show and you are already one of my favourites here on VG. Beautiful with the perfect body. Love the pole clips and with Cherries I even like that swing! Hot outfit, again with lovely high heels and she never takes them off, she keeps wearing them during the whole show, I LOVE it! Great dancing style, she moves like a wildcat with the perfect, subtle yet extremely seductive explicit moves. Well what can I say, this is a perfect ten, no doubt about it. Thank you Cherries, thank you Totem for this great, must have card.
Desde en dic 2012

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mayo 19, 2018
Any babe with a body like Cherries deserves all the compliments in the world. I can’t get over her nicely groomed genital area & her fabulously attractive pussy.

Cherries puts on a great performance… a performance that shows off her tanned gorgeous body & lovely legs to the full. The outfit is super… it matches her tan.

Love this girl. Love her beauty. Love her performance to bits!!!!
Desde en jun 2011

1044 comment(s)
julio 26, 2014
Tres bon show, tres belle nana, une tenue tres sexy avec des souliers oranges

bien choisis. Le choix de la tenue est super et c'est encore une tres belle carte,

merci TOTEM...
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