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Cynthia Vellons

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Desde en oct 2009

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julio 7, 2010
Marquis de Sade said "The uglier a woman is, the dirtier she is in bed." 'Tis true with Cynthia. Some DB users think she is unattractive but she's hot to me due to her slutty vibe.

If you're an ass lover, you'll love Cynthia. She shows her ass a lot, spreads it, and includes a little anal play. I did not see a scene however where she is fully nude. She also does not take her shoes off which is unfortunate for feet lovers.

She talks dirty but don't get excited. It's very rare and rather lame. Her vocals are mostly loud gasps which I'm not fond of. I prefer the breathy vocals of Misa. Eye contact is fairly good.

The dildo play is better than most but I still find it to be a nuisance. Everything about Cynthia is deliberate, erotic, and seductive but you can tell her moves are predictable and lacking. Fingers in mouth, feel breasts, raise dress, rub or grab - repeat. If she could add some more moves to her repertoire like VG Denisa, she'd be amazing.

Desde en dic 2007

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noviembre 12, 2010
When I first saw the card pics of Cynthia I thought she looked harshly kind of ugly and wondered how she'd been hired here.I read that she fingers her asshole in this card so decided to give her a try.WOW...she is a sexy babe WAY, WAY PRETTIER THAN HER PICS SHOW! She gives the kind of show that I like! Full on sexual, kinky,intense,& complete. She enters like a horny model at a party,her luscious,long full body sheathed in that sex bomb short skirt.She tells you she wants to suck you then proceeds to raise her skirt revealing a pantyless heaven of pussy and luscious fullsome legs, ass,and asshole.She turns her back to us and does some sexy ass showin' then slaps her ass repeatedly, gasping with the sharp tang of pleasure accompanying each stroke.Down on her knees, ass to us, she intensely fingers her ass for quite an extended pucker pokin' as she ecstatically moans with kinky pleasure! It's suck the dildo then dildo the pussy jam until she comes long & loud. She's a HoneyHo' for ya!
Desde en may 2010

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diciembre 9, 2011
Sometimes you KNOW the women are "acting" - - Well, there is no "acting" here - This beautiful woman does look into the camera but probably only because she was told that was expected of her but I seriously doubt she cares about the camera - She LOVES what she's doing and you can see it everywhere, especially 'in her eyes' and the way she's panting to catch her breath - She absolutely knows what she loves and she doesn't hold back (except maybe to 'tease you') and she doesn't have to do that deliberately - 100% REAL - SHE LOVES ALL OF IT - Highly recommended - I wish I could 'score' her higher than just a "10" -- and I have seen some of her 'other' video's and in those (one was her, another girl and one guy) you could see that when she wasn't 'getting her's' that it was driving her crazy because she wanted it soooooo much and when she was 'getting her's', Damm, she got loud and everyone in a quarter mile radius must have heard her and as I've mentioned, no 'acting', it was 100% REAL -
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