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Desde en oct 2010

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marzo 12, 2015
One of my all time favourite models! Dayzee just oozes sexuality from every pore of her delicious body. Her big 'come hither' eyes are totally mesmerising and when she licks her lips in some of her poses you know she is hot and horny. She seems to have that air of confidence that is so utterly photogenic when she strikes a pose. It's patently clear she enjoys playing and playing to the cameras. This particular costume does her no harm either, however I am biassed. Black stockings and kinky boots get my blood pumping every time. Nevertheless, there is not a bad card by this heavenly babe, I have them all and would have no hesitation in adding more if and when they appear. Her duets are just as captivating and I love the way she gets down and dirty with some ecstatic gyrating orgasms. Damn near perfect, I say, so let's have her back for some more, please, DeskBabes !?
Desde en ene 2008

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junio 4, 2012
Vraiment parfaite et ce serait cool de la voir sur VirtuaGirl :)

Desde en sep 2013

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febrero 17, 2018
Dayzee is a very beautiful woman. Out of all the Solo video's I've purchased this is my favorite so far. I love the fact she plays with her hands underneath her panties. A plus to this video.

A huge turn on is the outfit. First the hat. I love it when women wear cool hats. The other bonus to her outfit is the boots, skirt, and gloves.

***A Blush***

Love how hard her nipples and breasts get. An indication she's really enjoying herself.

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