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Nathaly Cherie

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Desde en jun 2009

547 comment(s)
abril 16, 2013
This excellent solo from Nathaly Cherie would have been a Perfect 10 if not for the several go-go cage scenes that have little merit. The cage is a novelty that is being over-used on DeskBabes and it often blocks your view of the desktop dancer and the action.

In this card, Nathaly is wearing a sexy dress that accentuates her ample curves and is doing all of the great stuff you want to see in a solid solo sex show. At least one of the cage scenes and all of those without are definitely top notch and well worth seeing.

Too bad the cage screwed this up for her. Nathaly with her big natural breasts is a very hot one to behold. Great card regardless.
Desde en nov 2008

73 comment(s)
abril 8, 2013
I´ve bought this card in according with the high rates she has obtained. She does specially well "working" with the dildo, but I don´t think she deserves so high figures. There´s something I thing has no discussion about, she has a very beautiful body, plenty of curves where to...
Desde en feb 2013

82 comment(s)
abril 10, 2014
Nathaly sure is a natural beauty although smetimes she seemes to act al little bit to much for my taste. Nevertheless a very hot babe. I enjoyed her solo without the bars. But that stupid cage. That thing is really troublesome.It's always blocking the view and has no use what so ever. Why not using a pole much often instead of a cage? A pole would be far less troublesome and a model could do somuch more with a pole. Hadn't it been for the cage-scenes my rating would be higher.
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