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Gina Gerson

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Desde en may 2008

412 comment(s)
octubre 20, 2016
A top score for sure. Gina is way way pro, which isn't my first choice because I prefer a more natural girl next door. But still a solid 5. For example she spend a lot of time displaying her butt plug, which to me is not a turn on - ?? watching her move around smiling wearing a butt plug?? So odd.
Desde en oct 2011

49 comment(s)
julio 31, 2013
This is the cutest naughty girl that I have seen in some time. Gina makes me want to get that tourist visa & see the other SIGHTS of Russia!
Desde en mar 2011

40 comment(s)
julio 31, 2013
A beautyful face, nice perky tits and a body that's a bit skinny. Doing VERY intense anal action. All assfixated horndogs like me HAVE TO HAVE this hot show.
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