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Tina Blade

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Desde en ago 2008

34 comment(s)
agosto 29, 2013
Tina is a lovely young lady, with a petite body and small breasts,

oh and I love her very long brown hair.

Overall she puts on a good show, and seems to be enjoying herself

a lot in all clips.

She uses her hands and fingers very well when she is masturbating.

Her facial expressions and moaning appear to be authentic, and while

she does look at the camera it is more to show how much she is enjoying

herself than anything else.

I was however disapointed that there were only two good ANAL PENETRATION

clips, one with her finger and one with a white dildo.

I was hoping that she would do more and deeper ANAL PENETRATION clips

Her lovely body and performance rate a 10, if there had been more ANAL CLIPS

I would have given that a 10 as well.

That being said I can only rate the ANAL a 7, Overall I give her an 8.5.

Sorry TINA, maybe you will do better next time
Desde en oct 2016

8 comment(s)
octubre 11, 2016
Tina is a beautiful skinny girl. I love her attitude. She has a small ass, highly fuckable. The card is hot, with a lot of anal action, with both finger and dildo insertions. Tina is aldo a remarkable squiter, so it’s a pity there isn’t even a single drop in the card.

face (w. 2) = 8.5/10

body (w. 4) = 9/10

feet (w. 1) = 9/10

outfit (w. 1) = 7.5/10

X-action (w. 4) = 10/10

grace (w. 3) = 9.5/10

image (w. 4) = 8/10

sound (w. 1) = 9/10

weighted average = 9
Desde en dic 2007

792 comment(s)
septiembre 5, 2013
Tina Blade is an enthusiastic,masterful, petite, SexBomb! In this & all her duo cards too,she combines a sultry seductive beauty with a totally committed & intense EroticActionSuperIndulgence that becomes a Performance of Sweetly Sleazy PuckerPlungin'(Finger AND toy... & Puckerlickin' in her duos!)

Ahh Plas heaven!

She has the petite beauty to swing the FantaSex from hot sleazy teeny to masterful masturbating woman!I especially luv the way she looks at me as she BangTangAroos her way thru her wet'n'wild performance.

Her rapid fire clitty twirl to cumming is as exciting as her slow/fast flow PuckerPlunges, & when you add her SexYeah FireBright Gaze right at you ...

Mmmmm..release & relax!!

She is so totally cute & horny..don't stop here...her duos & videos are a delicious PornDawgs delight of WickedityWankityWoo enticing Eroticism!

I wish more VG-DB girls would be as Erotically committed & as masterful in performance.

She is an AnalQueen,licking in duo,sticking it in solo!


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