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Victoria Blanc

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Desde en nov 2007

337 comment(s)
enero 8, 2014
She really gets into her act as is demonstrated by the vocalizations and the red splotches on her ass. The bondage outfit (corset) and her piercings look good on her as well. As a "piece de resistance" (English Keyboard does not allow for the grave accent and the accute accent over the correct syllable), her anal scenes are an added plus. This is a good card.
Desde en mar 2008

76 comment(s)
diciembre 6, 2017
My only issue for this card is that she dominants herself too much. I wish that she would hit the ground with the whip or flip the whip at the camera as if she was hitting me.

I love the way she bites the dildo and grazes it with her teeth though. Very sexy and very dominant.
Desde en dic 2008

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enero 8, 2014
Victoria looks hot! The leather/SM-outfit fits her very well and I love her strict look!

But I am a little bit disappointed about the anal show. She fucks herself hard and deep but you can hardly see her rose and she uses a to small dildo! In my opinion she should use a bigger one.

Because of this I can rate this card only with a 9.
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