Beautiful Butterfly por

Lia Taylor

 4.32 (930 votos)

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Desde en abr 2016

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junio 23, 2016
Es bellisima, es perfecta!!!!! La amo!!!!
Desde en mar 2018

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marzo 26, 2018
me gusta mucho
Desde en jun 2009

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noviembre 8, 2014
This is the first card from the new VGHD we've reviewed and it is HOT. Lia Taylor may have big natural breasts and if so, they are the epitome of perfection. If not, it's the best boob job we've ever seen. Either way, her rack is just the icing on the hotness cake for this Virtua Girl whose body, face, smile, and hair are all beyond magazine quality. Holy hell!In this card, she's wearing a beautiful lace lingerie outfit that allows for some very hot teasing and pleasing when it comes off. Lia knows how to do it, too, so her desktop dancing and showcasing are superb.A very, very hot card that is highly recommended.
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