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Lia Taylor

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Desde en dic 2017

430 comment(s)
febrero 9, 2018
como se muve y como danza lia. que sexy esta con ese conjunto de cuero
Desde en jun 2009

547 comment(s)
noviembre 17, 2014
The very, very hot Lia Taylor is back, this time in an outfit that speaks of a little fun bondage and maybe some Catwoman style. Scenes in this card don't have a lot of "rough" in them, but they do have a lot of hotness. Lia shakes it and proves not only that she has natural boobs, but that her hot body can move when she wants it to.A couple of scenes are very good and in one, she fumbles taking off her panties and it's funny as you can see her taking it at least with some aplomb. Of course, the card is all about the hot body that Lia has and wow.. who knew black rubber could bring out so much hubba?A great card and definitely one worth downloading. Highly recommended. Lia is the star of the new sets so far!
Desde en jul 2010

94 comment(s)
noviembre 10, 2014
Perfect glam makeup - Lia is as breathtaking as previous cards.

While not a pole dancer (let's face it, none of the girls really are), Lia makes a nice effort that makes some clips feel quite "dance" in a go-go girl kind of way (the best way)... good hip action (both in sway and gyration) including some very likeable hip-thrusts towards the camera. Not all her moves were perfectly executed, but you'd have to be an incredibly harsh critic to hold that up as a reason to 'fail' her performance, she sets the screen on fire with her hotness.

With no shyness in exposing herself, Lia is not a coy performer and remains 100% feminine throughout (well, looking as good as she does, I suppose it would be very hard not to look feminine all the time).

The swing makes an appearance on this card (three nude clips).
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