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Lia Taylor

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Desde en jun 2009

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diciembre 29, 2014
Another grand performance from Lia Taylor, this one has some hiccups that make it a little less than perfect, but this hottie still scores highly. In this card, Lia wears a corset-style lingerie outfit with thigh-high stockings and black panties. The bustier lifts her ample big natural breasts nicely and her hair in a tight bun is hot.Lia does a lot of desktop dancing in this one, along with some striptease that is sometimes excellent and sometimes a bit slow. She looks off-screen and even stops at one point to speak with someone off-camera for direction, which should never have been left in.Otherwise, though, this is a great card from Lia Taylor and it's well worth downloading as this woman is as hot as they come.
Desde en oct 2013

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diciembre 8, 2014
A likeable, natural Lady with curves and a sexy smile. The entire show is in stockings and high heels, no bare feet. I love it! And what a pair of wonderful tits she has. She's rubbing a little too much for my taste, don't like this finger action very much. But all in all a great show. Thanks Lia!
Desde en sep 2016

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enero 29, 2017
While she isn't the best dancer known to man, nor are er pole skills worth mentioning, she does have a pretty decent ass and does take off her panties first on two clips, so tht means she has at least some idea of variety. I'll give her five stars for the pantyless shots alone, rare as they are.
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