Autumn Leaves por

Anissa Kate

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Desde en mar 2014

94 comment(s)
noviembre 15, 2015
Short skirt; long, luscious legs; colorful intimates; big, beautiful boobs; long, wavy black hair; come-hither eyes... what more could a man want, other than having her in your place for a private, interactive strip show?

This is my first look at Anissa Kate in her 3K cards. She has a shot of knocking Viola out of her Number 1 place with me. That's saying a lot, since I have all of Viola's cards to date (over 22), and Anissa only has six 3K cards to date. Personally, I would like to see a duo with Viola and Anissa.

here's a 10/10 from me.....
Desde en oct 2013

335 comment(s)
enero 23, 2015
When I saw the tag "XXX-Show" I was like: "Meh...I usually don't like it when my VG girls go Porn." But honestly? It's only one x-rated clip in the show and the way Anissa handles it by lettIng her finger slide into her treasure box for just about a second...well, lets' just say I can live with it :D In fact I think this is Anissas best card to date. That colorful and realistic streetwear outfit suits her darker skin tone very good. Love the shoes! Her show is pure seduction I go crazy when I watch her perform. Only thing I miss here is the pole but I guess I forgive you, Anissa ;-)
Desde en sep 2007

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enero 16, 2015
Great model.Thanks again team Totem.
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