Red Room por

Anissa Kate

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Desde en jun 2017

58 comment(s)
julio 13, 2017

teu vestido vermelho

me eniliça

Teu corpo nu

meu corpo



Teu ínigualável strip

desvia o barco

dos meus desejos

da sua adriça

Desde en mar 2014

94 comment(s)
marzo 6, 2016
Anissa Kate/Red Room... First; as with many of the models here at VGHD and DB (that's VirtuaGirl High Definition and DeskBabes for the newbies), Red is a color that suits her coloringvery well. Second; this model is BUILT!!! She can spend a day or three (hundred) in my bedroom, nude, and doing what two people of opposite genders do when wearing no clothes. Third (and I HATE to say this); Anissa could very well knock Viola out of her current position as my Personal Fave of all the models at VGHD AND DB, combined.

This is not the first of her cards that I bought, and it won't be the last, especially if Totem makes more (either VG or DB, I don't care). Anissa could make a gay guy seriously consider going straight just to get a piece of her... whatever. Her curves are perfect for the size of her body. We could have asked for better, but we wouldn't get it.

More in Part Two...
Desde en sep 2007

58 comment(s)
enero 23, 2015
Another excellent Anissa Kate card.Thank you team Totem.
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