Midnight Swim por

Anissa Kate

 4.62 (454 votos)

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Desde en oct 2013

335 comment(s)
febrero 1, 2015
I'd go on a midnight swim anytime with this goddess of seduction. The wet look and sun milk clips are just amazing and she's got this...elegant way of going explicit. I'm serious cause usually I don't like it when my VG girls go explicit cause it's always that extended pseudo masturbating finger action bullshit. But Anissa... she doesn't pretend to pleasure herself but instead of that she plays with her clit and labia in such a playful way it's a joy to watch her. Thank you for this great show Anissa. Just love you!
Desde en jun 2018

21 comment(s)
agosto 12, 2018
This girl turns me back into a middle school boy, just blushing and turning away at the sheer hotness of this babe. If you know her, you know she has gigantic, perfect tits. Now imagine those things all wet and fresh out of the shower! Because that's what you get here: two beautiful, glistening tits.
Desde en sep 2007

58 comment(s)
enero 30, 2015
Magnifique !!!
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