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Serena Wood

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Desde en dic 2017

427 comment(s)
febrero 6, 2018
CON esa carita sexy y picara me vuelve loco y me hace perder con todas sus cuvas, mientras acaricio su pelo castaño
Desde en abr 2015

240 comment(s)
julio 18, 2015
Serena has no problem inciting lust as she teases the hell out the camera here. She looks more comfortable in this card over her debut to me, I hope to see more like this :)
Desde en oct 2011

15 comment(s)
octubre 25, 2015
This girl is fucking incredible, I cant take my eyes off her. Shaved pussy that is has a blush of pink on her lips but match the paleness of the rest of her, she has just a little bit of protrusion of her inner lips and a pussy that almost is fat, in that the outer lips protrude but it too is beautiful. Her body is perfect without blemish, her tits perfect with little pink nipples, about the size of coke bottle caps, not too little. When she smiles it seems genuine and lights up her whole face. It shows her feet if you're into that. There is a pole dancing strip, I can remember if she fingers or dildoes but that doesnt matter with the show she does.
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