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Anny Aurora

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Desde en nov 2012

124 comment(s)
junio 19, 2016
I love the body of ANNY AURORA. Really, she is awesome. Sometimes, I have sexual dreams in the nights. This girl is a delicious. I put to her 5 stars. I love all her shows. :P
Desde en abr 2015

240 comment(s)
noviembre 28, 2015
Anny is great!

I was skeptical when I saw her come up in casting. I have pleasantly been shown otherwise, shes very in touch with the sexy. Is it that she comes across kind of innocent, but you know she is not? :D Look forward to the rest of her VG shows!
Desde en ago 2015

69 comment(s)
diciembre 7, 2015
Tres jolie Anny !!! beaucoup de charme dans cette tenue noire et bas resille, gestuelle bien rodee.

Les moins : accrochage du string dans les chaussures (si j'etais a sa place ! je comprends le petit bout de tissu qui ne veux pas partir !).

Peut vraiment mieux faire a la barre de pole dance !!!

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