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Tricia Teen

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Desde en oct 2012

104 comment(s)
enero 5, 2016
I adore Ladies in lycra so this card was a must buy as soon as i saw it!!!

Add to the gorgeous outfit the fact that Tricia is a very supple Lady who looks amazing working out and you have a winning card. Adore Tricia's g-string which she wears for some of her exercises, a show like this would get me back to the gym!!!!

Great card, lots of exercising and a sexy gorgeous Lady!!!
Desde en may 2018

3 comment(s)
mayo 27, 2018
Very cute, with an endearing but almost naive performance
Desde en jun 2012

159 comment(s)
enero 23, 2016
Tricia is as entertaining as she is pretty. Like the outfit, and looks simply fabulous in the microscopic bikini bottom under her shorts. No silicone, piercing or tattoos to spoil the effect - a sheer delight.
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