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Jillian Janson

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Desde en mar 2011

626 comment(s)
febrero 19, 2016
Jillian Janson got everything what makes those LA-girls so gorgeous. Pirate not of the Caribbean, but of my screen. Jillian is a teaser by birth and she knows it! I love her outfit also! What a girl!! And those red lips. I like, no I love you!!!!
Desde en may 2008

412 comment(s)
febrero 20, 2016
Jillian is a 10. Before you do your review google her up on Free Ones. My point is that although she may be a little too tidy on Virtuagirl, she is actually a 10 overall.
Desde en ago 2012

10 comment(s)
febrero 27, 2016
Jillian Janson is a rampantly stunning treasure to the porn world. She is the superstar of the new age of performers, giving joy and privilege to her adoring public. Just look at her here, she's a phenomenal cock-sucker, and he packs a punch, but she takes him with style while rimming the other gal's cunt & asshole. My new favourite for the blessed champion of beauty.
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