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Nathaly Cherie

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Desde en nov 2011

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octubre 22, 2016
Desde en dic 2012

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marzo 4
Poetry in motion… that’s what she is. Nathaly is simply stunning. Her red lipstick and red cutex toenails are so sexy. She’s pretty. She’s beautiful. She’s extremely attractive. Great outfit too. She’s a vision of beauty & splendour.

This blue-eyed blonde is a superb performer. Love the way she shows off her assets, and what great assets she has! In my eyes, she is flawless… from her beautiful blonde hair down to her sexy shapely feet… flawless. So glad she has beautiful natural breasts. Her arse is sensational. She has an awesome pussy. It’s so nice to see a girl who is so healthy looking and full of energy.

I can watch Nathaly non-stop all day. Her performance never has a dull moment thanks to her looks and smooth moves. Her only xxx scene is tame but beautiful to watch as she plays with her pussy. She’s a darling. Love this card.
Desde en dic 2009

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enero 9, 2018
Natural boobs: yes + 1

Low profile shoes: no and shoes come off +1

Barefoot clips: some +1

Special factors:

+1 for the red painted toe nails, and pokey nipples despite having large areola.
Desde en sep 2013

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septiembre 5, 2016
One of the reasons I like I-stripper is because of the variety of women they have on here. Nathaly is a perfect example. She isn't the model or the "pornstar", but she is a very beutiful woman. I love her well placed curves and her medium sized breasts. She gives a great performance. I love the denim. She appears to be the type of woman who would appreciate a guy who treats her right. I like this. She is the best friend who many guys pass up on; but she is a wonderful girlfriend and willing to have fun in the bedroom. She certainly would not be boring.
Desde en ene 2016

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febrero 13, 2017
Most beautiful Magnificent, Would Luv to be inside that Juicy Cush , 50+++++++
Desde en jul 2017

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julio 24, 2017
it take me two hrs to cum 5 mins with her
Desde en oct 2009

640 comment(s)
agosto 1, 2016
Great respect for Nathaly's work. So beautiful and skilled in seduction, you get the feeling if was possible to cross ankles behing her head, she would try that too.. just to please you. Wonderful generous spirit who seems to have a good handle on what guys like to see. Bless her ++++
Desde en nov 2012

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marzo 17, 2017
Would like to see more of Nathaly Cherie
Desde en nov 2007

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julio 18, 2018
This was a Great! show & I'll strongly consider bringing Nathaly back...Thanks & God be Praised in ALL things.
Desde en ene 2016

36 comment(s)
julio 7, 2017
Too easy .....It would be too easy for her to make me give her whatever she desired ...and Iwould keep coming back for more even though I know she would be so expensive but worth it !!

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