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Allie Haze

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Desde en may 2013

109 comment(s)
julio 23, 2018
Allie had enough of the right outfit to teasingly take off, the way I like it. It is good.
Desde en sep 2016

351 comment(s)
diciembre 2, 2016
She smiles a lot and she has a great smile, but she smiles so much it makes me wonder just how fake that smile is. I can't tell, but it just makes me wonder about it.

Second, she doesn't take a full advantage out of her outfit, but at least she's wearing enough clothes to strip off. Which is a good thing (we're here for striptease, right?). Also, while she doesn't have the chest of my preferences, she has nice hips and she at least isn't another skinny girl.
Desde en nov 2007

43 comment(s)
diciembre 11, 2016
Stripped, Allie's body is nice but certainly not perfect -- though her tits are freakin' amazing, and she has nice legs. But none of the small imperfections matter, because Allie has such a great personality. I can't help but fall victim to her contagious smile. She really looks like she's having a blast! Love that.
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