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Kimmy Granger

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Desde en nov 2007

40 comment(s)
noviembre 19, 2016
Best comment This is an amazing show. Kimmy is definitely worth having. Please make more shows with her. I'll buy them no preview needed. She has great energy and is perfectly proportioned.
Desde en jun 2014

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noviembre 10, 2016
I think the best girls that Totem fims are the ones that make you feel like they're stripping just for you. Kimmy nails that, you can tell she loves what she's doing and it shows in the quality of her scenes.
Desde en abr 2008

997 comment(s)
noviembre 18, 2018
My, oh, my, Kimmy!

Babes, you have the most incredible, stunning, gorgeous bod, tight ass, firm tits,and the way you strut, prance, parade, and pose?

With your gorgeous legs spread so nice and wide?

And that teasing smirk on your beautiful face?

And of course you just HAD to let us know how you "spend SO much time fucking"!

Ya, gorgeous, and then knowing, with a maddening, dick stiffening awareness, that I'LL now be helplessly trapped, constantly thinking about how YOU spend SO much time fucking -- while I'LL be stuck spending SO much time jerking off...
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