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Lexi Belle

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Desde en mar 2008

69 comment(s)
diciembre 28, 2016
Long hair and beautifully full curves. Definitely one for me. Thanks guys :)
Desde en feb 2010

14 comment(s)
diciembre 18, 2016
I love women of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. I've seen people bitch about the fact that Lexi has put on some weight in recent years.

I hate to break it to you (okay, I really don't but it sounded nice), but for me, either petite and svelte as she was when she first started, or thick and curvy as she is now, Lexi is an outrageously, outstanding beautiful woman, who I enjoy seeing, no matter what.

Five stars don't really do her justice, in my opinion, but since that's as high as we go, that's as high as I'm rating her. For those that are so narrow minded as to rate her low, if you don't like her as she is, don't buy her cards. I, for one, will be getting every one she graces us with.
Desde en jun 2014

195 comment(s)
febrero 4, 2018
Dance moves: 2/3

Explicitness: 2/3

Viewer interaction: 2/3

Clothes: 2/3

Shoes: 3/3

Girl: 3/5

Body: 4/5

Pro pole moves? no

Spreading? no

Too much bare feet? no

Tattoos? small wrist tattoo and a neck tattoo that is hidden by Lexi's hair
Desde en jul 2018

1 comment(s)
agosto 15, 2018
wery sexi lexi
Desde en abr 2016

4 comment(s)
febrero 28, 2017
I do like the bigger body but its not a 4.7/5
Desde en sep 2016

340 comment(s)
diciembre 9, 2016
I love her body, but I'm not super sold on the show itself. She is wearing two items of clothing, and never removes them in different order. That said, she's hot as fuck, and I wish she'd varied the strip a bit more.
Desde en jun 2012

268 comment(s)
diciembre 10, 2016
The baby doll nighty was an excellent compliment to this voluptous babe.
Desde en ene 2015

266 comment(s)
diciembre 12, 2016
Wow! Lexi is a beautiful amazing girl and she looks absolutely stunning throughout this card. Dressed or undressed Lexi just looks amazing, with that gorgeous body and beautiful face and hair, she is an absolute delight to watch and enjoy. I think we're very lucky to have her here on iStripper and I cannot wait for her next card to be released :)
Desde en feb 2011

141 comment(s)
julio 30, 2017
Lovely and sexy. Would have love to see a few more cards of Lexi. I read some of the negative comments regarding her mid section and/or carrying a little bit more weight. Honestly, I think she is fine the way she is.
Desde en sep 2014

1940 comment(s)
diciembre 17, 2016
Lexi is an absolutely eautiful woman! Thank God she doesn't subscribe to that stupid idea that skinny is sexy.

I would dearly love to get my hands on that full, lush body knowing I'm dealing with a real woman!

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