Light in the Dark por

Jayme Langford

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Desde en mar 2011

628 comment(s)
enero 12, 2017
Some models fascinate me like hell. Don’t know why.

Jayme Langford is one of them. Right from the start.

Is it because I have in my avater a Norwegian fjord and Jayme has ford in her name?

Is it because of her ponylike hair remembering me of Francoise Hardy and Touts les garcons et filles de mon age?

Clip 17 Standing and (nude) walking across the screen shows everything what I mean.

Best comments on Jayme: read bartwir.
Desde en sep 2014

1940 comment(s)
noviembre 16, 2018
How could you not love this grgeous woman?!?

That trim little bush is so super sexy!
Desde en dic 2009

344 comment(s)
enero 10, 2017
She looks very sexy in that black babydoll lingerie... well she can be my shining becon in my bed anytime....
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