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Jelena Jensen

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Desde en may 2010

6 comment(s)
diciembre 27, 2016
Best comment OH YES!!! More cards from Jelena her majesty of natural boobs..... :D
Desde en jun 2011

55 comment(s)
diciembre 27, 2016
She is a beautiful and sexy woman
Desde en sep 2016

340 comment(s)
enero 18, 2017
Basically, the title of this card represents her. She's very promising, but isn't there yet. She has absolutely amazing pair of large tits, and generally nice natural body and strips pretty naturally (not like a professional). But on the other hand, she always strips more or less the same way. Shake the tits, tease the top, take off the top, take off panties. I wish she'd varied her routine at least once. Take off panties first. Bunch your dress up and prance (in effect) top and panties on, bunch the dress down make it into a miniskirt, etc. But I'm giving her five stars because she's a very natural beauty, and also has nice big tits. Who doesn't like that? I just wish her future performances are better.
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