The Real Deal por

Antonia Sainz

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Desde en ago 2011

99 comment(s)
enero 14, 2017
Desde en oct 2016

34 comment(s)
abril 12, 2017
Love this woman!

She could get away with wearng a gunny sack and STILL be the hottest in the room!

Desde en mar 2011

629 comment(s)
enero 16, 2017
Antonia Saenz: this is a card for breastlovers. You can safely take a peek inside her blouse

without getting fired from work or getting a slam in your face.

Antonia knows how to use her charms. She raises the upperhalf of her body,

starts moving her arms and hands sideways, then her large breasts follow the shaking. What a sight!!!

But Antonia doesn’t want to be remembered as “breast”woman only. She’s got much more.

Her way of moving and dancing is in a more theatrical, original and very expressive style,

not only like in card e0621 (Sexpectations) on naked feet but also like in this show on high heels.

In several clips first the panty is stripped, than skirt and blouse and latest her bra.

This outfit is really good, because it could be worn in normal day to day life.
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