She's A Winner ! por

Jenna Sativa

 4.45 (167 votos)

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Desde en mar 2012

839 comment(s)
febrero 14, 2017
The Ultimate Teaser. That Ass In That Short Is Just Assquake. Pls More.

Thx Istripper.
Desde en may 2015

112 comment(s)
agosto 28, 2017
I like her "Table-full nudity" clips very much.She can do more than others such as open her legs showing beautiful pussy hardly,it is great.
Desde en nov 2007

63 comment(s)
septiembre 26, 2017
Disappointing, 2 stars

+ Super sexy moves (bought the card on the strength of the preview!)

+ Pretty face, beautiful natural body

  • Very disappointed by the lack of striptease clips - only two!

Could have been a 4-5 star card for me, really really disappointed with this purchase.
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