Flexible Personality por

Mia Malkova

 4.42 (180 votos)

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Desde en jun 2010

21 comment(s)
febrero 11, 2017
Perfecta. Lo mejor de este show es ver a Mia con hilo dental <3. Zapatos hermosos. El clip 14 es el mejor. Mia te amo <3.
Desde en jul 2010

94 comment(s)
febrero 9, 2017
Getting this card is a no-brainer for me...

...Mia took me by surprise because I hadn't really paid much attention to her career before iStripper - I'd simply ranked her as "just another blonde American doing porn"...

...but I'm mesmerised by that ass, and Mia is an excellent overall performer, which places her among my favourite group of performers.
Desde en oct 2007

777 comment(s)
julio 20, 2017
Man is Mia super HOT!!! I just can't believe how fantastic her ass is!!! This woman is so HOT and so seXXXy, my computer screen nearly bursts into flame as she moves across it. Ohhhhh! Uhnnnn!
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